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The top AI Startups in the Netherlands


Startups and scale-ups are essential for economic growth, employment, and innovation capacity – especially in the field of AI. This is why the Netherlands have joined forces to select the best AI startups that can help shape the future of AI in the Netherlands and Europe.

The Netherlands is participating in the European AI startup landscape for several reasons:

  • To create visibility for the Dutch AI startups & scale-ups on an international level: The overall purpose of the landscape is to make it easier for the selected AI startups to access clients, capital and talent. Our goal is that the landscape will serve as a “quality stamp” that will open doors for them. Stakeholders can use it as a guide, to get insights and contact the best AI startups of our country.

  • To strengthen the relationship with our European counterparts: The worldwide competition in the field of AI is extremely intense. The European scale is the one that enables us to combine competitiveness and sovereignty. Together we can demonstrate the innovative strength of European startups and our willingness to collaborate, by for example matchmaking on a European level.

  • To gain better insights in the Dutch AI startup landscape: Calling all Dutch AI startups to subscribe for the landscape, and categorizing and evaluating them using standardised criteria, has led to great insights. What exactly is an AI startup, what are the ones in our country, subdivided by all categories? Besides this, we gained a better understanding of their needs, so that we can improve the support system on a national level and international level.


The AI startups included in the landscape are private companies founded after 2010, with headquarters in the Netherlands. They have Artificial Intelligence (AI) at their core or exhibit a significant usage of AI.

The selection process can be summarized as follows:

  • The startups apply to become part of the Dutch landscape;

  • The startups are evaluated by the NL AI Coalition network of AI hubs, TechLeap and ai.nl;

  • The selection criteria are based on their use of AI, size and scalability, access to and use of data, and the AI skills of their personnel;

  • The final result is visualized on the landscape.

The Landscape is an ongoing process and the Dutch application form will stay open throughout the year. Our goal is to add new AI startups to the landscape every quarter, and to annually revise the current landscape. AI startups that have applied and are not selected yet, will have a chance to re-apply in the future. In the meantime we seek to help them grow.

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About Netherlands AI Coalition

The Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC) is a public-private partnership in which the government, the business sector, educational and research institutions, as well as civil society organizations collaborate to accelerate and connect AI developments and initiatives. The ambition is to position the Netherlands at the forefront of knowledge and application of AI for prosperity and well-being. We are continually doing so with due observance of both the Dutch and European standards and values. The NL AIC functions as the catalyst for AI applications in our country.


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